Monday, September 17, 2012

Trip to Teller in the Fall

Last year, I made a trip to Teller, Alaska during the fall season.  I flew to Nome, then took a dirt road 70 miles to arrive at the village of Teller.  Here are some photos documenting that trip:

Beginning of the trip, as I pass by a road sign signaling how far the trip will be.

This is a few miles outside of Teller, don't have any real info on the Tisuk River.

Not sure what this used to be, but it looked cool.

It was located right off the main dirt road.

Teller, AK is in the distance as I come over the final hill.

The village of Teller, AK.
This was taken from atop the hill along the coastline, across the bay is the village of Brevig Mission.

This is sitting in the middle of town, saw some kids throwing rocks at the windows.

Not sure if they ran out of gas or what, but there it sits randomly on the beach.

Building in the middle of downtown Teller.

Peaceful, good weather evening.

The sun slowly setting on my wonderful trip to Teller, Alaska.

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  1. I just read your blog after becoming interested in life up there from watching Flying Wild. I enjoyed it! makes me want to live up there for a spell. I did live in Seward for 3 summers, but never braved a winter. Are you still up there?