Friday, May 6, 2011

April Snow Drifts

Above is a picture of the front of my house in April. The weather in April was actually worse than March. It consisted of a 3-day rotation of: Snowing, freezing temperatures, and high winds. That's basically what you get in the winter in Unalakleet. It will snow for a day or two, then it will be become fairly cold, then it will warm up a bit but you'll have high winds. And when you have high winds, you get snow piled up all around town (including this mound of snow in front of my house that I have to get around each morning).

To the right is a picture of the snow stairway to my workplace. Because of the snow drifts, I never see too much of the actual steps for a good portion of the winter. So after I take my ten minute walk in snow boots to work, I scale the snow stairway that eventually leads to my office.

The local speed limit sign in Unalakleet is covered in snow. And below is a picture of the Catholic church in town, nestled behind a large snow bank.

The daylight has been getting progressively longer. I try to wear something over my eyes so I can fall asleep at a decent time. It's light til about 11:30/Midnight. And when I say "light" I mean that I could go outside without any street lights or anything and find my way around fine.

I'd probably estimate at this time that there's about 4 hours of actual darkness. I figure it doesn't getting totally dark til about 12:30/1 A.M., then starts getting light at about 4:30/5 A.M....In a couple weeks I'm going to create a video documenting currently how much light you will see in Unalakleet on an average night in May. I'm heading back down to the lower 48 at the end of May for about 2 months. So before I leave, (in creating the video) I'm going to stay up until it's completely dark and see exactly when that is.

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