Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Snow Day

Just when you think the snow is melted and gone, and you wear that nice light jacket to work, you go outside for lunch and.... you're staring right into the epicenter of a late-season blizzard. By the time I made the 10-minute trek back to my house, I was sopping wet, covered in snow.

Although the snow banks around town have almost (keyword) completely melted (only a few small ones here and there), this stands as a reminder that it's not over til it's over. And up here, you can't expect the snow to be completely gone until at least June, then you can look forward to a month or more of rain. When I arrived in Anchorage last August, most of Alaska had gone 60 consecutive days with rain. And you wonder why I would prefer to spend my summers in the lower 48?

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