Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gas Prices

 I guess at one time, Unalalkeet school ran a bus service to pick up kids 
     around the village.  I found this up in the hills surrounding the village at 
     the local dump.  I wonder how much it would cost to fill this up with 
with gas at around $7 a gallon?
I know one of the things people probably wonder about is, "What are the gas prices up there?"  Well in Unalakleet right now the price per gallon is:  $6.62.  Now, how does this relate to me?  Well, the only vehicle I drive currently is an ATV (Honda Rancher 420), so it costs about $30 right now to fill up my gas can which holds about a tank and a half.  So to go around town and do some basic things (like scenic trips in the hills, taking out the garbage, getting the mail, going to the store...etc..) right now I'll pay $25-$30 every 2-3 weeks, which is much cheaper than what someone pays doing a regular commute at a 9-5 job with an average vehicle.

*Note that the current price of gas is also coming off the summer prices, so that price is likely to go down as we head into the winter.

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